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WhiteStar Chat is capable of bringing a unique feature set to your business, enabling secure communication at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

How it Works
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Communicate between

Companies and Apps

WhiteStar Chat allows you to communicate with any other WhiteStar Chat user, including between two different companies. In fact, WhiteStar Chat allows your company to chat with not just other WhiteStar Chat customers, but also users who are on WhiteStar’s other apps, like the social media network Society.

Drop files anywhere with


Sending fully secured files to your team and clients can be a serious headache. Luckily, WhiteStar Chat’s StarDrop file transfer system makes file sharing a breeze. StarDrop allows you to send encrypted files anywhere in the world between your Apple devices without the need to store files in the Cloud. This means you can send important files to your team and clients without the worry of your files being leaked or compromised. Even better, because WhiteStar Chat is always-encrypted, it eliminates potential human error in the transfer of sensitive data - that way you can focus on what you do best, and let us be the cybersecurity experts in backing you up.

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Protect your data

Anything sent over WhiteStar Chat is never stored in a Cloud and is secured under military-grade encryption to keep sensitive information safe.

Save time, save money

WhiteStar Chat opens new lines of communication for your organization, allowing users to focus more time on clients, and less on administrative tasks.

Reduce risk, eliminate liability

Making sure sensitive data is protected from unintentional leaks helps eliminate your liability and reduces your risk, saving you money and headache.


- Secure IO

All WhiteStar apps come pre-installed with KeyP - a fully secured, custom-built keyboard. No information typed on KeyP is ever exposed to your phone’s operating system or other applications on your phone. KeyP never sends any information off your phone, nor does it log sensitive information like passwords or financial data.

Absolutely secure against keylogging

Hides your keystrokes from your phone’s OS

Locally handled word suggestions

Full emoji support

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