KeyP: Secure Keyboard

Did you know that the keyboard you’re using to type on your mobile device, tablet or computer could be used to log the keys you press, potentially compromising sensitive data you’re typing on your device? Because of this potential threat, WhiteStar has built KeyP, a secure keyboard for WhiteStar apps. This helps us make sure that inputs into secure apps are truly secure, and that no information typed on KeyP is ever exposed to your phone’s operating system or other applications on your phone. While it’s not required that you use KeyP, KeyP will ensure that everything you type on WhiteStar apps is completely secure against keylogging and other potential exploits that could compromise your privacy and your data security.

KeyP never sends any information off your phone, nor does it log sensitive information like passwords or financial data. KeyP includes a word suggestion feature that is handled entirely locally on the phone, so your data is never processed by a third party. Because of the nature of iOS, KeyP is only available on WhiteStar apps and cannot be used by other apps on your iOS device, but KeyP is available as a standalone keyboard for Android devices.

Key features include

Absolutely secure against keylogging

Hides your keystrokes from your phone’s OS

Locally handled word suggestions

Full emoji support